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Hubtek is a Labor Solutions Provider!

Obtain Stability Within Your Business
- Hire quality Talent in LatAm and South Africa for a fraction of the cost.
- Implement process automation Technology to enhance employee experience and create efficiencies for long term growth.
- Relieve the burden on your team of Training new employee orientations as well as existing employee skill sets.
We believe that in order to have a strong Organization, you must have Good Talent, Relevant Technology, and Effective Training.
So we provide all Three services based on where your company is at in it's journey and what is needed specifically for your business.
There is no one-size fits all in Logistics! We know because we come from the industry with decades of experience in FreightTech, Asset Carrier, Brokerage, Heavy-Haul, and International Operations!

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Headquarters: 78 SW 7th Street
Miami, FL 33130, USA
Phone:+1 (844) 667 0469
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://gohubtek.com/
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Technology- TABiConnect

Nearshore Talent

Training- ProfitQuest

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